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Interoperability Testing In Electronic Data Interchange

Interoperability Testing is a kind of software checking that confirms whether the definite software can interoperate with partner software or its components. The successful results of interoperability testing proves the required functionality between communicating systems as required by specifications.

There are different levels of EDI interoperability testing:

  • Physical Interoperability
  • Data-type Interoperability
  • Specification level Interoperability
  • Semantic Interoperability

Interoperability Testing of Electronic Data Interchange software systems and components ensures stable and reliable operation between two or more products from different business partners. It provides smooth operation without compatibility problems and confirms that products/devices can work without any negative operational issues.

Why Interoperability Testing is so important when two companies start partnership in electronic communication? First of all, loss of data if a very serious issue. The documents and data must be exchanged without any losses and strictly according to preset specifications. Also, unreliable, incorrect operation and performance should be excluded during Interoperability Testing. Low maintainability should be taken into account while preparing this kind of testing.

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