InterTrade ecCatalogue

InterTrade ecCatalogue for Neiman Marcus partners

InterTrade ecCatalogue is an electronic product catalogue that simplifies the process of data sharing between trading partners. It does not matter if you have few product items or hundreds, the catalogue helps you to share item data using the latest technology. InterTrade’s ecCatalogue accepts over 500 different product attributes for full support of the new GS1 Guidelines for Product Images and Extended Attributes. The usage of the ecCatalogue gives you such benefits as fast and effective product search, easy personalized navigation and collaboration advantages with business partners. The product data include such features as price, size, color, style and more. It is possible to download data as an EDI document (832), Excel spreadsheet or by direct key-in using a web browser.

InterTrade ecCatalogue represents a solution for product data synchronization with The Neiman Marcus Group vendors. All divisions of The Neiman Marcus Group utilize the ecCatalogue to access their vendor’s UPC/EAN. All vendors must be on the ecCatalogue in order to receive EDI purchase orders.

Make note that the Intertrade ecCatalogue is the only UPC/EAN catalogue that is used by The Neiman Marcus Group.

The Neiman Marcus Group requires its electronic data interchange compliant vendors to post all new SKU data on the InterTrade ecCatalogue within four to six weeks after market. Neiman Marcus purchase order systems make an inquiry to a specific vendor’s SKU data that they have loaded into the InterTrade ecCatalogue.  When matched to a specific vendor style number, the associated UPC/EAN is retrieved and embedded into the purchase order. Once approved, the purchase order is sent electronically to the vendor with the matched UPC/EAN.

The Intertrade ecCatalogue service is user-friendly and inexpensive for small to large vendors alike.  It supports core and extended product attributes as well as product images, as recommended by the GS1 US standards.  The online registration process is fast and simple.

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