Invalid Data

Invalid Data Relationship (BWC EDI Data Errors)

Invalid data relationship and match data value not consistent with value previously reported, no match on database is one of the widespread EDI errors.

This means Claimant’s name, DOI, SSN, DOB, Employer FEIN, Insurer FEIN, Claim Admin FEIN, JCN, or Claim Admin Postal Code either doesn’t match a previously submitted transaction, doesn’t match an existing profile, or doesn’t match an existing claim.

You should use the Error Element Name to identify which element is rejecting, reverify the information the filer has submitted by checking with the claimant, the insured and/or the PCRB interface on the DLI website, or previous transactions submitted on this claim. Also refer to section 3 of this document for next steps. Refer the DN-Error Message table in the Event table for additional information.

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