Inventory Management

Inventory Management At Boscov’s: Availability And Reporting

Boscov’s Inventory Management program is supported by SDF suppliers. Reported inventory availability determines product availability for customer purchase.

Inventory Availability

Inventory communicated to Boscov’s is expected to be 100% available for Boscov’s customers as the Boscov’s systems interpret the reported values as “available-to-promise” to Boscov’s customers. Suppliers will submit inventory quantities at least daily during standard business days. Suppliers should anticipate inventory needs based on historical sell-through and anticipated promotions.

Boscov’s may provide anticipated sales forecasts however, unless otherwise specified in writing and signed by an authorized Boscov’s representative, these forecasts in no way obligate Boscov’s to purchase any minimum quantities nor do they guarantee sales. Suppliers must report available inventory at the UPC/SKU level. A minimum of 95% of the “available” assortment is expected to have quantity available at any point in time.

Inventory Reporting

Daily Inventory Advice File (Required Document) All Boscov’s SDF vendor partners are required to submit a daily inventory file via OpenText. The following guidelines must be followed in order to comply with the standards of the SDF program:

  • Suppliers are required to provide inventory quantities for products offered on BOSCOVS.COM through Boscov’s designated 3rd party SDF order processing provider.
  • Suppliers are responsible for ensuring inventory is accurate on a daily basis.
  • All UPC/SKU’s shall be flagged in Boscov’s designated 3rd party SDF order processing provider as “Available”.
  • Only “approved” UPC/SKU’s shall be transmitted to Boscov’s designated 3rd party SDF order processing provider.
  • Suppliers are required to zero out inventory the same business day for out of stock products. Any order that cannot be filled within the standard fulfillment time period due to the lack of inventory shall be canceled. Backorders and substitutions are NOT permitted.
  • Suppliers must notify Boscov’s through Boscov’s designated 3rd party SDF order processing provider whenever a UPC/SKU is discontinued. UPC/SKU status shall be changed to “Discontinued”. Inventory shall continue to be reported on the discontinued UPC/SKU until the product inventory is completely depleted or until an item is to be no longer sold on BOSCOVS.COM. When an item is to be no longer available and/or once inventory is depleted, a feed with “0” units available must be sent. Boscov’s will take order quantities up to the reported available inventory levels.

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