Invoice Testing Requirements for Walmart Vendors

Invoice TestingInvoice Testing can begin after all mapping of the 810 (invoice) document and any in-house programming is completed. Off-invoice allowances or charges must be included on your electronic invoices. The supplier must be able to match acknowledgments back to the invoices. Methods for handling incorrect invoices must be established and the supplier must have the capability of correcting and resending these invoices electronically.

Once beginning the Invoice Testing period, you will be expected to be production with EDI invoicing within 2 weeks. Suppliers will not be allowed to go production with EDI invoices until all EDI and Walmart accounting requirements are met concerning the validity of your invoice data.

This phase of Invoice Testing will begin once the documents in the Vendor Self-Testing Portal are in Monitor Parallel status. EDI invoices will not be paid during the testing phase. Once you have received a purchase order, process the order and return the invoice to Walmart.

Do not send the invoice the same day that the purchase order was created. Otherwise, the invoice will fail to process successfully. If your company does not receive orders for your shipments, please let Walmart team know.

Within two hours after transmitting the invoice, a functional acknowledgement (997) will be sent to your mailbox. Verify that the 997 is accepted. If it is not, you need to correct the invoice and send again. If you do not receive a 997, there is something wrong with the invoice data. Contact the EDI Support Team. After receiving your accepted 997, wait 24 hours to see if you receive an 864. If you receive an 864, you need to correct the data and send again.

If you do not receive an 864, you have received an accepted 997 and you have waited for the 24 hour update to happen, then you likely have successfully sent an invoice. Contact your EDI tester to verify the results of your test. Continue this process until all problems are corrected, remembering to check your mailbox for 997’s and 864’s. You will need to send 3 successful invoices, 1 intentionally bad invoice and 1 fixed invoice [ it must be the same invoice as the intentionally bad one ] to complete Invoice Testing.

EDI invoices will not be processed to be paid during the Invoice Testing phase. Continue to mail your hard copy invoices to Walmart’s Shared Services Department until production occurs.

Invoice Functional Acknowledgement (997). Walmart will acknowledge each invoice by the group (GS) and set (ST) control numbers sent on the invoice. Acknowledgements are placed in the mailbox typically within two hours but can take up to 24 hours to be sent. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within this time frame, please contact Walmart’s EDI Support Desk within 24 hours from your transmission date. If you receive a rejected or partial acknowledgement, you need to correct the issue and resend the invoices that were rejected.

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