Iowa DWC EDI Claims

Iowa DWC EDI Claims Release

Iowa DWC (Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation) EDI Claims system is used for receiving claims submissions via Electronic Data Interchange. This solution provides a means for the State of Iowa to manage its Workers’ Compensation Act required reporting efficiently and accurately. EDI Claims for First Report of Injury (FROI) and EDI Claims for Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI) has been requited since 1996 and the use of EDI Claims release 3.1 has been mandated for all carriers as of December 3, 2018.

EDI itself is not new to Iowa as it has received First Reports of Injury via EDI from some sureties since 1996. DWC is charged with administering the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Act and workers’ compensation administrative rules applicable so that DWC must maintain information required to be filed with the DWC. Under the law, employers are required to file reports of work-related injuries and corresponding supplemental reports, as may be required, with the DWC in such form and detail as the Division may require.

EDI Claims Release 3.1 provides for the electronic transfer of comprehensive injury data and will provide significant benefits for carriers and DWC stakeholders. All carriers will be required to enter into a Trading Partner Agreement with the DWC to ensure secure and compliant acceptance of claim data by the DWC vendor. Accurate and timely information is vital to how the DWC serves the workers’ compensation community. EDI Claims will facilitate improvement in both areas. Recognizing that government should tread lightly when imposing new requirements on industry, the data tables and this Implementation Guide have been developed under the guiding principle of ensuring that no data is required via EDI that has not been required previously.

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