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IT Team In EDI: Role of IT Department in Electronic Data Interchange Process

IT Team may be strongly involved in company EDI process in order to support the infrastructure needed for electronic business. There must be an IT Team Lead who is responsible for team coordination, and if we speak about EDI specialists inside IT team – for coordination of the personnel as well.

IT team may not be fully involved in EDI – this depends on company size and the number of Electronic Data Interchange operations. There may be one or two persons responsible for EDI implementation and support within the existing IT team, or an outsource person doing EDI for couple of hours a week. Alternatively, there may be a group of EDI specialists with a separate Team Lead in IT department. The usage of this role varies in organizations.

The responsibilities of IT teams are delegated by IT Team Leaders. They coordinate the day-to-day functions of the department, conduct training sessions with employees so that they can be equipped with new knowledge and skills to remain current. Also, they are responsible for external training of the team.

If we speak about EDI team inside an IT Team, here are some of the functions they may have:

  • Support EDI standards and technologies
  • Release the implementation with trading partners
  • Carry out administrative functions
  • Guidance of the EDI process
  • EDI process accuracy and quality review
  • Coordinate EDI application of software releases
  • Execute and coordinate company EDI policies

IT Teams leaders should consider EDI abilities and expertise of the team members. Team members may have specialties such as EDI networking, security, administration, software programming, data testing etc. Comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to guide and release all these professional skills. EDI Academy offers up-to-date EDI training (online webinars) for IT Team members involved in Electronic Data Interchange. After completing the course IT specialist will be able to handle many EDI issues due to his responsibilities. We give practical cases and best practices for you to meet the world of EDI being equipped with skills. 

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