JCPenney EDI

JCPenney EDI basic transactions

JCPenney EDI initiative extends across all major company departments: Merchandising, Accounting, Logistics, Stores and Catalog. JCPenney EDI is not viewed as a “computer project,” but as a fundamental component of the way the company conducts business. JCPenney EDI commitment of financial and human resources is important to the strategic direction of the business relationship with the trading partners.

JCPenney EDI transactions:

180 – Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification (for Factory ship only)
753 – Request for Routing Instructions
754 – Routing Instructions
810 – Invoice Request payments for merchandise or service
812 – Credit/Debit Adjustment Adjustment to prior payments
816 – Organizational Relationships
820 – Remittance Advice/EFT Line-item detail/electronic transfer of payment
824 – Application Advice Application edit errors / 810 Invoice processing errors
830 – Planning schedule / Release Forecast – expected needs / demand
850 – Purchase Order Order goods and services from supplier
852 – Product Activity Data (POS) Sends POS / inventory data to supplier
855 – PO Acknowledgement Acknowledge selected orders and suppliergenerated POs.
856 – Advance ship Notice (ASN) Notification that mdse has been shipped
860 – PO Change Notification of changes to original PO
869 – Order Status Inquiry Request information regarding POs
870 – Order Status Report Supplier report on status of POs
997 – Functional Acknowledgment Verifies document transmission.

JCPenney EDI transaction sets are specific to transportation:

204 – Motor Carrier Load Tender
210 – Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
214 – Motor Carrier Shipment Status Message
990 – Response to a Load Tender.

JCPenney EDI requires that the Purchase Order (EDI-850) and the invoice (EDI-810) be exchanged electronically via EDI. The Salt Lake Accounting Center will not accept paper invoices. The Advance Ship Notice (EDI-856) and other transactions should be implemented (as business requirements dictate) as soon as possible after the PO and invoices.

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