KEBA Supplier EDI Portal

KEBA Supplier EDI Portal Basic Guides

KEBA Supplier EDI Portal is one of the most important aspects for success in business communication. It is very important that all KEBA suppliers comply with KEBA Supplier EDI Portal standards and guidelines. KEBA Supplier EDI Portal is web-based software for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which supports different processes with the aim of increasing efficiency and transparency for repeating activities. If KEBA requires, the supplier will commit to use the portal for the defined processes. The use of the web-based solution is free of charge for all KEBA suppliers.

If the supplier requests an EDI interface to his own ERP system, it is up to him to set up this EDI interface with our partner for the Supplier Portal. Contact data for the partner will be provided by the relevant person in the purchasing department. All costs for the implementation of this type of interface must be borne by the supplier. If the supplier has to use the Supplier Portal, a small contract attached, including the rights and obligations for the EDI, must be signed.

Purchase Order Management (POM) and RFQ is currently conducted with this portal. For the future, KEBA has the right to add further processes and functions to the KLIP. The supplier commits to work in the portal and to use the new functions when released by KEBA. Naturally KEBA will provide training for every new supplier on the portal and every new function or additional process before the go-live This means the supplier will be contacted by KEBA to arrange training for the nominated persons.

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