Kingfisher EDI Invoice

Kingfisher EDI Invoice Requirements

EDI is the main platform for exchange of documents in the form of EDI messages and will normally be used by all vendors who receive orders from the Kingfisher. Find below Kingfisher EDI Invoice Requirements.

EDI Invoice

  • NAD+BY and NAD+DP should be same as in the PO
  • The PO line item number should be sent back in the Invoice message in RFF+LI segment.
  • NAD+IV in invoice message should always be the GLN of the OPCO.
  • The UOM should be same as in the PO.
  • Vendors should send the PO number in the RFF+ON. It should be of 10 digits, with LEADING zeros if necessary
  • RFF+DQ must always contain the ASN reference number (whether the dispatch advice was sent by EDI or portal). If the vendor does not send ASN then they need to provide the PO number in the RFF+DQ
  • RFF+LI is mandatory under each LIN segment.

The Credit note

A credit note generally relates to a litigious invoice. The credit note is sent when: Relating to an invoice (when the issuer realizes his mistake). In this case it will be imperative to refer to the number of the invoice in the RFF+IV segment. A request for a credit note is raised by OPCO. In this case it will be imperative to refer to the number of the credit note in the segment RFF+DL and order number or purchase outlet in the RFF+ON segment.

VAT calculation rule

VAT must be calculated in the following way at the foot of the page: Sum of amounts net of taxes of each line by VAT rate (00, 7.00, 5.00 etc) multiplied by the VAT rate. Not by the sum of the VAT amounts on each line.

Discounts or expenses (segment ALC): Should only include discounts or unconditional loads. 4 scenarios can be met:
1. Discount applied on the footer of invoice
2. Discount applied on item line
3. Additional charges applied on the footer of invoice
4. Additional charges applied on item line
For discounts / charges applicable to products having different VAT rates, it is requested to detail the line (segment under ALC LIN). The indication discount/charge on the amount segment (MOA) must be in phase with the identification of the rebate or charge (MOA segment). We do not support discounts and expenses by the percentage (PCD segment) but only by the amount (MOA segment).

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