Generic Rules To Be Followed for BDFR (Brico Depot France) EDI messages

Find below the basic guidelines for the usage of BDFR EDI Messages: Order, DESADV.

EDI messagesORDERS

  • NAD+BY will have the Head office GLN [3016016500103 for Brico Depot France] in all the PO types except for Cross Docking orders.
  • For Cross Docking orders, NAD+BY = GLN of Store NAD+DP= Cross Dock Platform
  • Below are the different Unit of measurements, that will be used in Easier:
    • EA (for majority of the Articles)
    • PK1
    • PK2
    • PK3
    • PK4 etc.
    • EAN code is mandatory in the PO.


  •  NAD+BY and NAD+DP should be same as in the PO.
  • Supplier GLN code in UNB and NAD+SU must be present and should be same as in the PO.
  • OPCO GLN code must be present in UNB (for BDFR it should be: 3016016500202 in PROD).
  • Include UNH/0068 (Default value = ‘HU DESADV’) if you are sending handling unit.
  • If a vendor is sending HU ASN, they must send the loading method code in PCI segment in the DESADV message.
  • DTM + 17 (i.e. Estimated delivery date) must be between the Current date and 30 days in the future i.e between D and D+30.
  • The Delivery reference number in RFF+DQ can be same or different than the Despatch Advice reference number mentioned in BGM+351. However, the reference present in RFF+DQ will be considered as shipment reference.
  • Multiple CPS segments are mandatory in case of HU DESADV message.
  • EAN no. should be present in each LIN segment.
  • RFF+ON is mandatory under each LIN segment and must be 10 digits as sent in the PO.
  • RFF+LI is mandatory under each LIN segment.
  • The PO line item number should be sent back in the ASN and Invoice message in RFF+LI segment.
  • The UOM should be same as in the PO.
  • EAN code in mandatory in the ASN and should match with PO EAN.
  • QTY+12 is mandatory under each LIN segment.
  • LOC+7 is mandatory under each LIN segment for HU DESADV and correct store GLN code must be present.
  • The physical measurements of weight and dimensions (Length, width, Height) of the Handling Unit (Pallet) can be sent in HU DESADV message using MEA segments for each pallet.
  • The vendors who are delivering to RCC, are expected to send this information in the ASN message.
  • Only ISO codes are accepted for UOM of handling units.

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