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Kingfisher Electronic Trading With Vendors

Electronic Trading (EDI) is standard procedure in some Kingfisher Banners. This will be extended by the roll out of Kingfisher’s new computer platform. This requires:

  1. Vendors who communicate currently via email/fax to transition to electronic trading.
  2. Vendors who currently trade with Kingfisher electronically to ensure their systems can communicate with all the Kingfisher Banners with which they trade.

Kingfisher will rely exclusively in future on electronic communication of:

  1. Orders
  2. Order Acknowledgement (Dropship Vendors only)
  3. Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN)
  4. Proof of Delivery (Dropship Vendors only)
  5. Invoices
  6. Corrective invoices
  7. Positive APERAK for corrective invoices
  8. Returns

Communication platforms

  1. EDI
  2. Web-EDI Portal

For some vendors, choice of platform will be limited by supply characteristics to the Banner. Vendors may have a choice of platforms. Kingfisher’s local support team are available to provide guidance to vendors. Kingfisher’s local support team(s) will be in contact to validate the change schedule and start system testing.

EDI is Kingfisher main platform for exchange of documents in the form of EDI messages and will normally be used by all vendors who receive a high volume of orders from a Banner.  This platform is the most efficient solution for Kingfisher and for vendors, and plays a key role in optimising our processes for ordering, delivery and payment. Vendors are liable for any associated costs with the implementation and update of EDI.

Technical specification of EDI messages

The following Message Information Guides (MIGs) provide the technical detail you will need to update your EDI system. You must ensure that your EDI system is compatible with the latest version of the MIGs. Please review and download the latest version of the MIGs which apply to your route(s) to market. The MIG Change Log detail any changes to message requirements between current and previous versions.

Web EDI Portal

The Web-EDI portal is easy to access and easy to use. It will allow you to recover your orders and to send your delivery notices and invoices. If you currently use fax or email, you are requested to send messages via the Web-EDI Portal. Vendors who already use the Kingfisher Web-EDI portal should not need to make any changes to their systems.

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