Kongsberg Automotive EDI

Kongsberg Automotive EDI Manual Partner Rquirements

Kongsberg Automotive EDI program has a target to achieve 100% Electronic Data Interchange between Kongsberg Automotive and the Supplier to eliminate manual interference in the information flow. It is the intention of the Parties to render their exchange of information more effective by replacing the flow of paper between them with EDI. The manual interference is often causing considerable delays and severe errors that can cause expensive and urgent actions from Kongsberg Automotive and the Supplier. The guidelines below detail the usage of EDI to ensure that Kongsberg Automotive and the Supplier can communicate in a flawless way that is understood and agreed by the Parties.

Kongsberg Automotive EDI communication shall be implemented, including sending and receiving capabilities with all suppliers, sub-contractors and logistic providers. The supplier shall have the capability to interface with the Kongsberg Automotive receiving plant through one of the following solutions:

  • Full EDI (preferred):
    • Based on automotive standards and practice in the applicable region
    • Refer to Kongsberg Automotive EDI specification for more detailed information (EDIFACT DELFOR D97A).
  • Web-EDI:
    • KA Web-EDI solutions as defined per region.

EDI Delivery Notification (Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) or Despatch advise message (DESADV)) must be delivered at the moment of truck departure from supplier plant. It is used by Kongsberg Automotive to monitor the materials in transit and to simplify the receiving procedure. Timely and accurate submission of electronic Delivery Notification is required for improvement of supply chain effectiveness. Electronic Delivery Notification submission is an important input for the evaluation of supplier delivery performance.

Supplier is expected to support collections based on Kongsberg’s Automotive working calendar (working days, holidays, factory shut-downs). If the supplier plant is on holiday, the supplier must take special action to ensure that all documents are printed and parts are prepared on time for collection or delivered on date mentioned in schedules (depending on Incoterms).

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