Kongsberg Automotive Packaging

Kongsberg Automotive Packaging Proposal And Requirements

Kongsberg Automotive packaging proposal for each part number is presented by supplier and approved by Kongsberg Automotive after packaging trial. The proposed packaging is defined for each part number separately in the Packaging Proposal Form, which is to be signed by supplier and approved by Kongsberg Automotive.

Proposed packaging shall be in accordance to Kongsberg Automotive Standard Packaging List, which provides an overview of possible container dimensions and types. For standardization reasons, deviations from this catalogue are only possible in justified exceptional cases and must not cause additional costs for Kongsberg Automotive.

General Requirements: 

  • There must be only one part number per container
  • All parts must be shipped in a standard off-the-shelf packaging if appropriate
  • Packaging must be able to withstand international shipments overseas
  • Total palletized weight must not to exceed 1000 kg (or in line with the legal requirements in the country of use)
  • Unit load sizes should be sized to optimize the density in a sea container and must not exceed 107 cm

Box Requirements:

  • Boxes must have all readable barcode labels facing out
  • Boxes must be affixed to the pallet by stretch-wrap or banding
  • A box cannot extend beyond the edges of the pallet; the corners of the carton must be supported by the deck board of the pallet
  • Carton boxes must be of appropriate corrugated board strength to ensure pack integrity based on the size and weight of the container and the shipping method
  • All containers must be able to withstand, at minimum, the weight of a pallet of like parts double stacked upon it inside a sea container
  • If additional stacking strength is needed, corner posts are to be used
  • Corner posts must be affixed to the corrugated carton

Pallet Requirements:

  • Pallets must have four-way forklift entry
  • Pallets must be of durable construction; no pine pallets are allowed
  • Pallets must be sized correctly to optimize the density per sea container and in order to fit the carton(s)
  • Returnable pallets are to be used where economically feasible.

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