Kroger EDI

Kroger EDI Communication Requirements And Guidelines For Vendors

Kroger EDI Vendors doing business with The Kroger Co. must be able to receive a purchase order and return an invoice using EDI in the manner specified in The Kroger Co. EDI Requirements. Kroger’s Regional Accounting Service Center (RASC) will notify vendors not in compliance, and those Vendors will have 60 days from the date of the  notice to comply.  In the event the Vendor is unable to comply within this 60-day period, Kroger will charge that Vendor a fee of 1% of the total invoice amount OR $250 (whichever is greater) per transaction to offset the cost of manual processing purchase orders and/or invoices. In addition, Vendor will have 90 days from Kroger’s receipt of goods to successfully transmit an EDI invoice for that transaction. Any invoices not transmitted within the 90-day period (manually or using EDI) will be subject to an additional late invoice fee of 1% of total invoice amount OR $250 (whichever is greater) per transaction. Acceptance of a purchase order from The Kroger Co will signify consent to this term of purchase.

Vendors and brokers may be receiving purchase orders, or sending invoices via EDI, or this process may be manual. Vendors should evaluate different methods and providers proven to be reliable in working with Kroger before starting cooperation. Kroger does not require you to use any specific EDI solution or software. If you are going to work with Kroger, you should submit the Kroger New EDI Partner form on the web pages to begin migration.

EDI 997 – A functional acknowledgment (FA) is required for EDI data interchange. An acknowledgement is the transmission of a Functional Acknowledgment Transaction Set (997) to the original sender to indicate the status of the transmission with respect to standards adherence. This functional acknowledgment does not imply acceptance of the contents of the associated transaction sets.

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