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Kroger EDI FAQs and guidelines for electronic data interchange relationship

Kroger EDI initiative is aimed to improve business relationship and continue to remove unnecessary costs from the supply chain. Kroger EDI team appreciates vendor prompt attention to this initiative. The FAQs given below will help all vendors to get more knowledge about Kroger EDI program rules (continued).

Q #11: Once I’ve submitted a request through web forms, how is subsequent communication about that request handled?
A: All additional communication will be as it is today, through e-mails, phone calls and instant messaging, etc. (Use the confirmation email or include the tracking number – for work requests – in communications).

Q #12: How do I know when my request has been completed?
A: You will receive an e-mail from the appropriate EDI team letting you know your request has been completed.

Q #13: Is there a way to check the status of a request?
A: Kroger/ Fred Meyer internal users are able to view the status of the request in Infra by keying the request # (tracking number) provided in the confirmation e-mail.

Q #14: What do I do if I have received a confirmation email and no further response from the EDI team?
A: For an incident/Outage, if you haven’t received a response after 24 hours, send the confirmation email as a follow up to the EDI team.
For a work request, if you haven’t received any response after 24 hours, send the confirmation email as a follow up to the EDI team. You can also send a follow up email with the tracking number in the subject line to the EDI team.

Q #15: How do I determine if an Outage should be considered “Business critical” or “Normal”?
A: If you have a system outage that is causing the need for EDI to resend the document/documents or research a problem to avoid a BUSINESS CRITICAL (one where the business will be effected if the issue isn’t investigated immediately) situation, then that outage will be a Business Critical (High Priority outage).
In all other cases, it will be a Normal priority outage.

Q #16: What happens if I don’t initiate the request through web forms and just send an e-mail?
A: In order to serve you better, Kroger is upgrading to the web forms. All requests will be assigned a tracking number that is used to prioritize the work. Initial contact must be via web forms to establish the tracking number.

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