Lane Bryant/Catherines EDI ASN

Lane Bryant/Catherines EDI ASN Requirements (Ascena Routing Guidelines)

Lane Bryant/Catherines EDI ASN must be sent before pickup from vendor’s facility. If vendor has written approval from DC Operations Vendor Coordination team, ASN may be sent as late as one (1) business hour after pickup. An evening pick up (after 4:00PM) must be sent by 9:00 AM the next morning.

A chargeback of up to $2000 can be assessed for non-compliance of the above instructions

For POs booked with Unyson, add Unyson’s Shipment Number to the Booking Number field of the Vendor ASN. International ASN must be submitted within 2 business days after Cargo delivery to Forwarders/Carriers at origin ports. All vendors are required to complete EDI testing and certification of five (5) transactions. For PO’s that span multiple trailers, the vendor is to send one (1) 856 (Advance Ship Notice) per trailer. If a PO arrives on multiple shipments under the same ASN that will constitute a chargeback.

Every PO shipped by a vendor to Lane Bryant/Catherines, requires the following:

  • Receive a PO (850)
  • Transmit an Advance Ship Notice
  • Label each case with a compliant UCC128 barcode label
  • Transmit an invoice (810)
  • Acknowledgement (997)

All new vendors must contact Ascena EDI and initiate the set-up process within 7 days of receiving their Lane Bryant and/or Catherines vendor number.

The UCC128 label must be applied to the lower right hand corner of the front face (end) of the case. The case number barcode should be 15.24 cm. (6.0 in.) above the bottom and 5.8 cm. (2.0 in.) from the right hand side of the case. If using the UCC label in the next section, the previous placement guideline of 2 inches from the right hand side and 2 inches from the bottom is acceptable. The amount of the chargeback will be determined by the tiered chart in the chargeback section using the case total of the ASN that was split-shipped.

To learn more about EDI routing and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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