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GS1 Lightweight Messaging Standard Relationship To EPCIS Standard

Lightweight Messaging standard is independent of GS1 Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) and does not require the use of EPCIS, although users are encouraged to implement EPCIS to capture their supply chain events and to leverage the EPCIS query interface to retrieve data to support their response to a request for product verification. Although EPCIS event data can record the commissioning or decommissioning of products, as well as current disposition (such as ‘recalled’) and instance/lot master data (such as ‘expiration date’), it does not provide a sufficiently convenient interface to perform a simple verification check of product identifiers at batch or serial level.

The request includes a Requestor Global Location Number (GLN). It is expected that prior to honoring any requests, a verification service or company building their own requesting or responding services will take steps to ensure that the requestor is an authorized trading partner or testing service provider acting on behalf of an authorized trading partner, who has a justification for using the service.

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