Logistics EDI Applications

Logistics EDI Applications Implementation Steps

Logistics EDI Applications help a lot many warehousing/logistics providers involved in the implementation of EDI. As the public warehouse business becomes more competitive, many warehouses are trying to expand their traditional “product processing” business into the “information processing” business. The warehouses are looking for the new electronic data interchange trends. Logistics EDI Applications serve to ease many complicated manual processes. There are simple “quick start” comprehensive programs for warehousing / logistics providers to link and utilize business information to send and receive business documents electronically to/from its supply chain. The final solution provides a centralized EDI management system to audit, manage and control the movement of information from/to a retailer’s back-end systems right through to/from its trading partners.

EDI software developers usually provide the software and services, required to implement an effective EDI program for warehousing / logistics providers as well as necessary consulting services to determine:

  • Where the required item information resides (internally and externally)
  • What transformations are required to format the information to you and your trading partners needs
  • How the EDI documents should be passed to your trading partners
  • What is the most cost effective method to communicate EDI documents
  • What is the business process to move/receive the information to/from the warehouse / logistics providers supply/demand chain

Once the implementation “strategy is completed, the next step is to implement the solution to export/import business information from/to a company’s back-end systems, transform it and communicate-it-to/receive-it-from your supply chain using the EDI management system. This step involves working with a warehouse / logistics provider’s staff to configure business needs. Once completed, the testing group will test with a company’s trading partners and train internal staff on how to implement future partners. The testing group can train your internal staff or can be contracted to implement new trading partners as necessary.

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