Lord And Taylor EDI Testing

Lord And Taylor EDI Testing Guidelines (New And Existing Vendors)

Lord And Taylor EDI Testing requires testing EDI transactions prior to transmitting documents and shipping merchandise to Lord & Taylor. Translator level testing of the 856-Advance Ship Notice and 810-Electronic Invoice documents. Upon completion of successful testing, vendors are required to rollout production EDI documents. All format changes made to a previously approved GS1-128 label must be resubmitted to Lord & Taylor for approval before using.

Any changes pertaining to vendor DUNS Numbers or company name must be communicated to Vendor Control.

As an existing vendor currently trading EDI documents with Lord & Taylor, you are required to provide written notification of any changes to your vendor record maintained in Lord & Taylor translator. Written notification should be submitted via the online Vendor Profile form located on Lord & Taylor web page. Email notification will not be sufficient for the successful completion of changes to your vendor record, and may cause delays.

When making changes to the online Vendor Profile form please indicate that you are a current Lord & Taylor EDI Trading Partner. Do not submit the form as a new vendor, in order to avoid multiple EDI Ids in Lord & Taylor translator for a single vendor. Lord & Taylor must be made aware of changes to EDI Identification Numbers, Service Providers, GTIN Catalogues, and Contact Information with at least a two-day notice. Any changes needed sooner than two days, may be delayed.

To learn more about EDI testing and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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