Lord & Taylor EDI Requirements

Lord & Taylor EDI Requirements For New Vendors

Lord & Taylor EDI Requirements are critical for mutual success in trading partner relationships. Floor ready merchandise, coupled with EDI documents is an integral part of general merchandise retailing. Pre-ticketing with UPCs and Lord & Taylor retail prices and shipping on floor ready hangers are major factors in making this strategy effective.

Lord & Taylor EDI program goal is to receive shipments from the inbound truck, audit selected cartons, and quickly cross-dock them to the outbound truck, utilizing EDI advance ship notices to automatically process the shipment. Lord & Taylor EDI program reduces distribution center processing time by up to two days. This valuable time is added to the time on the selling floor.

Lord & Taylor expects its vendors to support company by shipping merchandise “floor ready,” trading with Lord & Taylor EDI transactions, and following Lord & Taylor Transportation, Packing and Invoice guidelines. These guidelines will enable you to successfully trade documents with Lord & Taylor to ensure your shipment is received, processed and paid in an accurate and timely manner.

Any trading partner that does not meet the EDI testing requirements will be subject to expense off-set charges, should the documents be rejected by the Lord & Taylor translator. There is no in house testing.

To learn more about EDI partner integration and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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