Lowe’s 810 Invoice errors

Lowe’s 810 Invoice Errors Examples

Lowe’s 810 Invoice errors may cause an invoice to reject. Find some typical EDI 810 Invoice and ways how to fix them.

Invoice has been set to pay – The invoice has previously been received and accepted by payables. It is in the system for payment and should be paid accordingly. If this invoice has never been transmitted to Lowe’s, you will want to verify the invoice number (remember not to recycle invoice numbers for 2 years) and retransmit only if you find due cause.

Invoice previously paid – Lowe’s has received and paid an invoice with the same invoice number in the past 24 months for your company. If you feel you have received this message in error, you will need to verify the invoice number. You can also do a search on www.loweslink.com under the vendor inquiry option to see on which check this invoice was paid.

Invoice has been received and is being reviewed – The invoice in question here has been sent in previously and made it through the EDI process. It may not be visible on www.loweslink.com at this point, but is in the payables system. When receiving this message, the invoice is in a file in payables to be reviewed for quantity or pricing. Do not retransmit this invoice.

Remit To Vendor Number is missing or invalid – Your N1 segment with the RI qualifier is missing or invalid. The remit to vendor number is checked within the Lowe’s system. If it is not correct, the invoice will reject. Please correct the vendor number in this segment and retransmit. If you are unsure about what the remit to vendor number should be, please contact your merchandising assistant.

Currency sent on invoice does not match remit to and/or purchase order currency – The currency code sent in the CUR segment must match that of the purchase order and the remit to vendor number. If you are being paid in USD, but you send the currency code in at CAD, the invoice will reject. Please note – this field is case sensitive usa, usd, cad will not work, it must be USD or CAD depending on the country.

This invoice is for an Import PO which is paid by letter of credit, do not invoice Lowe’s – Some import invoices are paid by letter of credit. The invoices should not be sent over to Lowe’s for payment.

Vendor Not Authorized – If you review the raw EDI Data, the remit to vendor number to which this invoice should be paid, should be populated in the N1 segment with the RI qualifier. If this vendor number is anything other than a remit to vendor number, it can reject as vendor not authorized. You would need to correct and retransmit.

Invalid Tax Amount – The accounting system validates the tax sent in based on the province to which the product is shipped. If the tax amount is wrong, it can reject for this reason. You would need to correct and retransmit.

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