Lowe's 855 Purchase Order

Lowe’s 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment Guides

Lowe’s 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment is used to convey to Lowe’s purchase order system that a vendor-initiated PO has been created for one or more locations. Once received by Lowe’s, its PO system is updated, operations personnel are advised, and a receiving report for the store is generated automatically. This application is used with vendors where a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program has been approved or where stores have been authorized to place stock orders directly with Lowe’s vendors.

Unique purchase order numbers must be used when submitting Reverse Purchase Orders to Lowe’s. An application on Loweslink™ will allow you to reserve purchase order numbers for this purpose. Documentation on how to register for this application as well as how to use the application can be found at LowesLink.com.

Lowe’s also requires the correct Lowe’s replenishment program (RP) reference number (in the REF 02) to be communicated on the 855. The order cannot be processed without the correct RP reference number. It is possible Lowe’s will have multiple RP reference numbers for the same vendor (depending on the products involved or the vendor shipping locations).

If the vendor sends in a cost on the 855 transaction, it is not used. Lowe’s will use the cost that is on the Merchant Program (MP) maintained by the Merchandising Assistant. Lastly, Lowe’s accepts either Lowe’s item number or the item level UPC number.

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