997 Functional Acknowledgment Lowe’s Trading Partner Guides

997 Functional Acknowledgment is used by trading partners to transmit acknowledgments to confirm receipt of all inbound EDI transactions. The 997 should NOT be used by Lowe’s Trading Partners to indicate system application related issues. Its purpose is to only CONFIRM RECEIPT of the EDI transactions from Lowe’s.

EDI 997 Sent By Trading Partner

The Trading Partner should return the EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment within 24-hours from the time the EDI transaction has been transmitted by Lowe’s. One 997 transaction is required from the Trading Partner for each Group of documents received from Lowe’s. The Trading Partner has the option of sending a Summary 997 (AK1 and AK9) to acknowledge receipt of each Group within an interchange or a Detail 997 (AK1, AK2, AK5, AK9) to acknowledge receipt of each transaction within a Group.997 Functional Acknowledgment

It is suggested for the Trading Partner to submit only ‘Accepted’ statuses in the 997 when the transactions are syntactically correct. The ‘Accepted’ status will notify Lowe’s EDI Team that the Trading Partner has received Lowe’s EDI transaction. When inbound transactions from Lowe’s are identified by the Trading Partner as in error, partially accepted, or rejected, the Trading Partner should contact Lowe’s business team to resolve any data discrepancies instead of using the 997 to relay system application data issues. A 997 is not required for acknowledging a 997 Functional Acknowledgment received from Lowe’s. This will prevent an endless cycle of acknowledgments for acknowledgments.

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