Lowe's EDI 810 Invoice

Lowe’s EDI 810 Invoice Best Practices And Common Errors

Lowe’s EDI 810 Invoice guides provide information about new segments within the invoice, identify and correct rejected invoices and provide useful information as it pertains the 810 invoice. Syntax Errors – When your company receives an email concerning syntax errors, those invoices do not need to be corrected and resent unless the accounts payable system rejects the invoice and the notification is posted on Loweslink®

What causes an invoice to reject and how to fix it

Freight Type Invalid – This error refers to the mandatory FOB segment. This segment must match what is sent on the purchase order. This error could mean is missing or that it does not match. Store number consists of invalid values – The N1 segment with the ST or MA qualifier could be missing the N103 or N104. If all elements of the N1 are present, the N104 sent is not a valid Lowe’s location.

Purchase order number consists of invalid values – The purchase order number in the BIG04 segment is incorrect. It could be missing, contain all zeros or contain alpha characters. The Lowe’s purchase order number is all numeric up to 9 digits.

Invoice amount does not total detail amounts – The line items (IT1 segments) do not add up to total the TDS segment. The TDS segment should be the total of all IT1 segments as well as the SAC segment (deduct for allowance, add for charge). This must match to the penny.

This invoice contains an install labor item take to correct store for processing – An item number is being used on this invoice that is tied to an install item in the Lowe’s system. Most of the time this reject occurs because the vendor uses their model number instead of the Lowe’s item number. When the invoice comes in and the validation process occurs, the numeric portion of the model number matches an install item in the Lowe’s system. Therefore, the invoice is stopped from processing as all installs must be billed at the store level.

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