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Lowe’s EDI 810 Invoice Notes For Vendors

Lowe’s EDI 810 Invoice includes TSCA Title VI Compliance information sent at the item level of the invoice. This will be sent as an additional PID segment that will contain the compliance of that item.


Breakdown of segment:

  • PID01 = X
  • PID03 = VI
  • PID04 = Code Breakdown
    • Positions 1-2: GM=General Merchandise
    • Positions 3-4: 04=Format/Option Code
    • Positions 5-8: COMP=Regulatory Compliance
    • Positions 9-10: FE=CARB or TS=TSCA
  • PID05 = Code Breakdown
    • 0 = Non-Compliant 1 = Phase 1 Compliant (CARB)
    • 2 = Phase 2 Compliant (CARB)
    • 3 = No Added Formaldehyde
    • 4 = Ultra Low Emission Formaldehyde
    • 5 = TSCA Compliance.

Credit Memos – To send a Credit memo to Lowe’s, place a CR in the BIG07. The amounts within the document should be positive numbers as the CR will tell our system that they are a credit amount. Credit memos will only be accepted for STOCK PO’s.

Debit Memos – Debit memos are not accepted by vendors. In order to challenge a deduction taken by Lowe’s, the proper procedures must be followed. If you are unsure which department you will need to work with, please contact our vendor inquiry department.

More about Lowe’s EDI 810 Invoice Best Practices.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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