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For Special Orders, EDI vendors will submit one invoice per order, with no backorders being allowed by Lowe’s. Invoicing should be initiated on the day of shipment completion and not before. The negotiated cost must include freight charges. Freight bills for EDI Special Order merchandise tendered as collect will be debited against your account. All Electronic Catalog / EDI vendors will be required to transmit all invoices for payment for special order product electronically to Lowe’s. In addition, all special order vendors submitting more than 100 invoices to Lowe’s will be required to transmit all invoices electronically. For vendors who are required to transmit their invoices electronically, a $25.00 charge will apply to all manually (paper) invoiced transactions.

Lowe’s Billing Requirements:

  • EDI Vendor name and remittance address on all invoices
  • Terms consistent with our buyers’ purchase agreement or stores’ expectations
  • One invoice per purchase order; one purchase order per invoice
  • No back orders – only one shipment per purchase order
  • Vendor number assigned to you by Lowe’s on all invoices
  • Lowe’s store name, store number, and address on invoice
  • Lowe’s purchase order number on invoice – no names please
  • F.O.B. (free on board) terms stated (collect or prepaid)
  • Bill only for merchandise shipped
  • Bill and ship in the same unit of measure as ordered
  • Provide Lowe’s item numbers on invoice in the same sequence as ordered
  • Include applicable allowances or charges in line item prices unless otherwise advised
  • Compute and provide applicable discounts on the invoice
  • Credit memos must reference Lowe’s store name, number and address, purchase order number or return material report number, rebates, allowances, debit memo number, original invoice number, etc., and should be on company stationery inclusive of vendor’s letterhead
  • Notify the Merchandiser of any price discrepancies on the EDI purchase order prior to shipping and invoicing
  • Electronic invoicing is the preferred method of receiving invoices for domestic shipments (Note: There are additional requirements to support shipments that cross borders where LGS or Lowe’s Canada is the importer of record).
  • Once electronic invoicing is established, any paper invoices received will be assessed a $10 administration fee.

Invoices that cannot be processed for failure to comply with any of the above requirements may be returned for rebilling. Applicable discounts are taken when delays are caused by billing non-compliance. Vendors with recurring billing problems are subject to a processing/handling charge per transaction.

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