LWC EDI FAQs (Louisiana Workforce Commission)

LWC EDI serves for the exchange of business documents, such as First Reports Of Injury (FROIs) and Subsequent Reports Of Injury (SROIs), between trading partners in a common format directly from one computer to another. Find below Frequently Asked Questions for LWC trading partners.

Who typically uses EDI?

EDI is used in nearly all the the major industries such as insurance, automotive, retail, and finance sectors. EDI is regarded as the standard for the electronic exchange of documents from one company to another.

Is EDI a new technology?

EDI has been around for over thirty years now and is regarded as a very mature IT technology. As EDI is so entrenched within many companies it is very difficult to replace with another technology overnight. As new technology, such as the Internet, has emerged, EDI has had to embrace these new technologies to remain an efficient business tool for communicating documents between companies.

Is EDI difficult to implement?

EDI can be implemented almost immediately, depending on the type of EDI solution chosen. There are three ways to implement EDI: LWC Web Entry, EDI Vendor, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). If it is a web-based solution hosted by your customer or client, then all you will need to do is log into the web portal and simply fill in the necessary online forms before sending the required documents. More complex systems will require software to be installed on your company’s network that will then allow integration with your back-office systems.

Why should I file my injury reports electronically?

Current EDI users indicate they save the time it normally takes to complete the form on paper. In addition to your time, there are savings of paper and postage. The Louisiana Legislature passed laws requiring insurers, self-insured administrators including state, parish, municipalities and school boards to file accident reports with the LWC in an electronic format compatible with International EDI standards.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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