Macy’s 810 EDI Invoice Requirements for Vendors

Macy’s 810 EDI Invoice must be transmitted via EDI using EDI 810 documentation. All hard copy invoices must be sent to Accounts Payable and are subject to expense offsets. Adherence to Macy’s 810 EDI Invoice and mapping guides is required. Missing and/or invalid data may result in expense offsets. This includes, but is not limited to a valid, active purchase order number and corresponding bill of lading.

Macy's 810 EDI InvoiceMacy’s 810 EDI Invoice must be transmitted to the appropriate Macy’s divisional Trading Partner ID. One Macy’s 810 EDI Invoice must be sent for each store location per purchase order per Bill of Lading (shipment) and must correspond to the actual merchandise sent (i.e., must match the corresponding EDI856 Advance Ship Notice).

Macy’s 810 EDI Invoice must reflect invoice terms and merchandise as transmitted on the EDI850 purchase order. Discrepancies between the invoice, purchase order, ASN and physical receipt may result in delayed payment. All EDI810 invoices must balance (i.e., quantities x costs minus allowances must equal the invoice total in the TDS segment). Invoice numbers must be unique to the Macy’s entity. Invoice numbers must never be repeated and must not contain alpha or special characters and may never exceed a 10 digit length.

Transmissions of Macy’s 810 EDI Invoice (Inbound) must contain the valid Macy’s Purchase Order number in order to match the invoice for payment. Macy’s does not accept non-merchandise charges including freight. Invoice will be processed net of these charges, with the exception of Dropship invoices.

Prior to your sending 810 Invoice Transmissions, Macy’s Accounts Payable requires an enrollment and testing process. In the event that the vendor’s invoice errors out of the Macy’s, Inc. Accounts Payable system, Macy’s Accounts Payable will communicate failed invoice information for correction and retransmission via E-mail or phone.

It is mandatory to list the correct Bill of Lading (BOL) numbers within the EDI transmission. The BOL ties in directly with the 856 Advance Ship Notice. Invoices for cartons shipped via small package carriers, i.e. UPS or RPS require only one tracking number per invoice. Providing BOL numbers or tracking numbers will enable accurate and timely processing.

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