Macy’s 820 Remittance Advice EDI Transaction

Macy’s 820 is an EDI Payment Order/Remittance Advice transaction set. Macy’s 820 Remittance Advice is used to request a payment and to transmit/report remittance information. Since an EDI 820 has two functions, the CSP can send the 820 transaction set to the Payment System to request a payment. The 820 can also carry the remittance information through the Payment System or the CSP can send a separate 820 transaction set directly to the Biller for the remittance information.

The following is an outline of what will be provided when transmitting a GS1 Macy’s 820 Remittance Statement and Electronics Funds Transfer to a vendor. For definitions of the segments, please see the GS1 retail industry conventions and guidelines for EDI.

Remittance Statements will be sent in GS1 820 format. The segments are based on GS1 5010. Refer to individual manuals for differences in standards. Functional Acknowledgments are required from vendors for all documents sent by Macy’s.

The guidelines include payments for all Macy’s divisions on a single check. Division detail is divided by the ENT01 and ENT02 records identifying the division for the transactions. Also included is supporting transaction detail for debit transactions.

To test Macy’s 820 document, contact the EC Technology group.

The Macy’s 820 document Macy’s sends to your company has the Macy’s Corporate duns number in the
‘PR’ N104 and the unique division duns number in the ‘BY’ NM109. Going forward, Macy’s will be sending the corporate duns number for all divisions of Macy’s, including the Bloomingdale’s Outlet
division in the ‘BY’ NM109 as well. Bloomingdale’s will be the only division of Macy’s that will have a unique duns number in the ‘BY’ NM109. You will still be able to differentiate the Macy’s division by the 2 digit numeric code that we send in the ENT01.

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