Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) – Standard Carton Pack Structure Guides

Macy's 856 EDIA separate Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) Ship Notice must be generated and transmitted for each Macy’s facility/shipment. ‘Ship To’ information may be obtained from the Macy’s Transportation Routing Guide. Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) must be in Macy’s system before vendor shipment arrives at the distribution facility. The retailer requires a consolidated VICS Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) with carton level information for every shipment to a Macy’s distribution facility.

However, the industry standard for merchandise shipped by small package carriers (for example, RPS or UPS) requires one Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) per carton. The tracking number should be the number used in the REF BM segment of the ship notice. A separate ship notice must be provided for each Master Bill of Lading.

In the case of multiple truck loads, each truck load requires a unique BOL and a separate ship notice. The requirements for Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) are based on VICS 5010. Refer to individual manuals for differences in standards.

Macy’s now requires vendors to send the order level PID segment to indicate compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Functional Acknowledgments will be sent for all documents transmitted to Macy’s by vendors.

Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) Standard Carton Pack Structure

The following diagrams detail the structure required for Macy’s 856 EDI Standard Carton Pack. Failure to adhere to this structure will cause the 856 data to be incompatible with receiving applications; therefore, this structure is considered mandatory.

macy's 856 EDI

The above mentioned example depicts the detail area of the Macy’s 856 EDI (Standard Carton Pack) transaction for use within the retail industry. Each box represents one hierarchical level and associated data segments detailed in this explanation. Required hierarchical levels are represented.

Macy’s 856 EDI (Ship Notice/Manifest) Standard Carton Pack Mapping Notes

Header Segments

  • For Master BOL shipments, provide a unique shipment number per division.

Detail Segments

  • Bill of lading number must be unique in the Macy’s Division for each shipment. Receipt of duplicate bill of lading numbers within the same Macy’s Division will be rejected from the system unless the BSN01 is flagged ‘07’ (retransmission).
  • Failure to transmit the correct Ship To DC code will cause the 856 data to be incompatible with receiving applications.
  • N4 segment is only used in association with the N1 with N101 ID Code, SF.
  • A new order level must be provided for each PO/store occurrence within the Bill of Lading/shipment.
  • Macy’s, Inc. requires vendors to indicate compliance to the Fair Labor Standards Act in the PID segment.
  • Order level N1 segment is used to access store number; segment must be present to get store number. Segment only used when entity code is BY in the order hierarchy level to retrieve store number.
  • Order level N1 segment is required for the 856 application.
  • LIN segment used to access all UPC numbers associated with the order. Other information such as vendor style, color, or size will be ignored. LIN02 qualifiers cannot repeat within the same LIN segment.
  • LIN segment is required for the 856 application.
  • MAN segment is used to identify carton number when it follows pack level HL segment. MAN segment is required if data is to be viewed at carton number level. Only use 20-digit UCC-128 serial container marking numbers.

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