Macy’s GS1 128 Label Vendor Requirements and Guides

Macy's GS1 128 LabelMacy’s GS1 128 Label (SSCC-18) must be securely affixed to all cartons shipped to a Macy’s Distribution Center or directly to a store. The labels must match the corresponding EDI856 at the U.P.C./GTIN/EAN and location level. GS1 128 labels must comply with GS1US specifications. Use either the 4” x 6” or 3” x 8” label format with a GS1 128 barcode that is 3.02” in length, 1.25” in height and a .25” quiet zone on each side. Only use GS1/EAN-128 subset C bar code symbology with the nominal X dimension of 20 mil.

Macy’s transmits the Family of Business (Product Group), department number and name in the EDI850 purchase order document. This same information must be printed on the GS1 128 label. Macy’s recommends that vendors implement an on-going GS1 128 barcode quality control program to ensure ANSI A or B print quality when scanning with a 10 mil aperture is being utilized.

Use only non-reflective ink and label stock. Label stock should only be white. For best results, use “smudge-proof” labeling ink, high quality paper and printers.

Inferior cardboard, overstuffed or under packed cartons may adversely affect the ability to scan labels. In addition, improper packing methods also may result in lost or damaged merchandise for which Macy’s will not be responsible. Macy’s GS1 128 Label that cannot be scanned for any reason is subject to expense offsets. GS1 128 numbers must never be reused and must be unique at all levels, e.g. across all shipments regardless of Macy’s entity and/or distribution center. Macy’s recommends that vendors disable the ability to generate duplicate GS1 128 numbers. GS1 128 numbers may only be duplicated when sending a retransmission of the EDI856.

Macy’s GS1 128 Label must be placed on a conveyable side of a carton (i.e., the longest side of the carton). If Macy’s GS1 128 Label must be placed on the front of the carton for shipping purposes, affix a duplicate label with the same code to the long side of the carton. If a duplicate label is used only the bar code and 20 digit human readable GS1 128 number is required on the long side carton label.

No bar codes other than the final destination Macy’s GS1 128 Label may be placed on the outside of a carton. Secondary labels used for other purposes (e.g., Vendor inbound) with a 20 digit barcode are subject to expense offsets. Secondary barcodes must be removed or marked through vertically with a non-wax based marker i.e. do not use crayon.

Do not cover GS1 128 labels with tape or shrink wrap. For cartons less than 4 ½ “in height, place the GS1 128 label on the top of the carton. Do not place the label on a seam or corner and do not place closer than 1 ¼” from any carton edge. Place luggage labels on the long side of the carton and on the opposite side of the wheels to prevent the wheels from interfering with conveyor systems.

Labels must not cover product information on shipping cartons that also serve as the display/selling unit, e.g. vacuum cleaners, cookware.

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