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South African Revenue Service (SARS) Mapping guides: UNB, Interchange Header (Mandatory)

UNB, Interchange Header represents the specification of the beginning of a message interchange. It identifies the message syntax, the parties to the transmission, including details of password, communication, control, application and test conditions.

The segment must always be used in a transmission and must begin the transmission or, where the UNA string is used, immediately follow it. Below follows a description of each data element mentioned above. Please note that not all data elements are required as per the able above.

Syntax identifier (0001)

Identifies the United Nations syntax and level. The first 3 characters are always “UNO” followed by the level. The level is identified by an alpha character starting at “B”. The Level B Character Set follows:

Level B Character Set

Letters, upper case A to Z
Letters, lower case a to z
Numerals 0 to 9
Space character
Full stop .
Comma ,
Hyphen/minus sign –
Opening parentheses (
Closing parentheses )
Oblique stroke (slash) /
Apostrophe ‘
Plus sign +
Colon :
Equals sign =
Question mark ?
Exclamation mark !
Quotation mark ”
Percentage sign %
Ampersand &
Asterisk *
Semi-colon ;
Less-than sign <
Greater-than sign >

Syntax version number (0002)

Increment by 1 for each new version, SARS uses version 4.

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