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Mapping Guides – ISA Segment

Mapping Guides given below in the blog regard to ISA segment of the BUCKEYE COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN 837P claim. Data files are transmitted in an electronic envelope. The communication envelope consists of an interchange envelope and functional groups. The interchange control structure is used for inbound and outbound files. An inbound interchange control structure is the envelope that wraps all transaction data (ST-SE) sent to BUCKEYE COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN for processing. An outbound interchange control structure wraps transactions that are created by BUCKEYE COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN and returned to the requesting provider or contracted vendor.

Interchange Control Header Notes: ISA Segment

  • Loop ID – N/A
  • Usage – Required
  • Segment Notes: All positions within each data element in the ISA segment must be filled. Delimiters are specified in the interchange header segment. The character immediately following the segment ID, ISA, defines the data elements separator. The last character in the segment defines the component element separator, and the segment terminator is the byte that immediately follows the component element separator. Examples of the separators are as follows:

* – Asterisk – Data Element Separator

: – Colon – Sub-element Separator

~ Tilde – Segment Terminator

While it is not required that submitters use these specific delimiters it is recommended, since they are the ones that the BUCKEYE COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN uses for all outbound transactions.

Some Mapping Notes

  • ISA06 – Interchange Sender ID: For batch transactions, this is the sender ID assigned by the Trading Partner. This field has a required length of 15 bytes; therefore, the field must be blank filled to the right.
  • ISA08 – Interchange Receiver ID: This field has a required length of 15 bytes; therefore, the field must be blank filled to the right.
  • ISA13 R Interchange Control Number The interchange control number is created by the submitter and must be identical to the associated Interchange Trailer (IEA02). This is a numeric field and must be zero filled. This number should be unique and BUCKEYE COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN recommends that it be incremented by one with each ISA segment.
  • ISA14 – Acknowledgment Requested:
    • 0 – No acknowledgment requested
    • 1 – Interchange Acknowledgment Requested
  • ISA16 – Component Element Separator: The component element separator is a delimiter and not a data element. This field provides the delimiter used to separate component data elements within a composite data structure; this value must be different than the data element separator and the segment terminator.

BUCKEYE COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN always creates an acknowledgment file for each file received.

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