Marking Cartons

Marking Cartons, Carton Sealing, Master Packing and Label Placement

Marking Cartons is processed in accordance with global standards, US business standards, Nordstrom’s EDI and packing requirements.

Carton Sealing

• Cartons (top and bottom) must be sealed with ONE KIND of tape.
• Use 2” or 3” (inch) patterned vinyl tape or paper-reinforced security tape.
• Do not use cellophane or clear tape.
• Do not consolidate or seal with bands, staples, strings, straps or any sealant other than tape.
• All tapes must be moisture/temperature resistant and have an adhesive quality that resists drying in transit.
• The tape pattern may be anything that will make it easy to determine that the carton seal has been broken.

Master Packing

• Small, single SKU cartons can be combined for one purchase order into a Masterpack
• Identify carton as Masterpack by writing or labeling “MASTERPACK” (in English)
• Ship to Address: Receiving DC# and AddressMarkinh
• PO#
• Identify inner cartons of the Masterpack by writing the letter “M” beside each GS1-128 carton label
• Inner cartons must be store packed and marked by store number
• Inner cartons must have a GS1-128 shipping label properly affixed and must be single SKU cartons, with a unique GS1-128 label
• Inner cartons must be made of shippable cardboard. Plastic bags are unacceptable
• The Masterpack (outer) carton must comply with the maximum carton weight and dimension requirements
• Nordstrom maintains two Masterpack ASN requirements depending on the mode of transportation used.

Label Placement

Cartons can only contain one unique GS1-128 label. All additional 20-digit “internal” barcodes on the carton must be marked out/covered as they are in conflict with the barcode on the GS1-128 label. In accordance with GS1 (Global Standards) US, Nordstrom’s label requirements follow standard GS1/EAN SSCC-18 common label formats.

Nordstrom GS1/EAN 128 Label Zones and Dimensions

The label is formatted into several information zones. Zones include both human readable information and GS1/EAN-128 information. Each zone contains a zone title, indicating the information contained in that zone. These titles should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the zone in 6 pt. text.

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