Invoicing procedures (880 Grocery Products Invoice) for McLane Company Vendors

880 grocery products invoiceMcLane Company prefers invoicing (880 Grocery Products Invoice) through EDI. Using EDI you are able to reduce the manual processing of purchase orders (PO) and invoices. Supplier can access a listing of purchase orders and their status, confirm PO receipts and quantities.

Also vendors can create an Advance Shipping notification (ASN) and an electronic 880 Grocery Products Invoice processed by McLane for subsequent payment to the supplier.

  • Paper invoices are subject to a $50.00 fine per 880 Grocery Products Invoice.
  • Invoice must include the PO number and carton count.
  • Bill one invoice per PO, per shipment.
  • Mail the original 880 Grocery Products Invoice invoice (no duplicate) to: McLane Company, Inc. Central Accounts Payable P.O. Box 6131 Temple, TX 76503-6131
  • All invoices must include complete PO number and the warehouse location.
  • Warehouse credit memos are also to be sent to McLane Company at the above address. Credit memos should indicate the warehouse location and reference the original invoice number.
  •  If product is backordered, supplier requests new PO for the balance of the product. Supplier must bill the backordered product on a new invoice.
  • All 880 Grocery Products Invoices inquiries regarding payments should be directed to: P.O. Box 6131 Temple, TX 76503-6131/

When asking the status of a payment, indicate the PO number and the division to which the product shipped. When asking a deduction, refer to the division receiving the product, reference number of the deduction, the amount of the deduction and the complete McLane check number. A copy of the check stub is the most efficient way to provide the info needed to identify Supplier’s claim.

McLane Company reserves the right to charge a fee of $50 per 880 Grocery Products Invoiceinvoice for research. McLane Company reserves the right to assess penalties for pricing information given in the incorrect format or on items not carried by purchaser. When issues arise due to the Supplier submitting incorrect price, an extra 10% of repayment amount will be deducted. McLane Company will not research items where the disputed amount is $50 or less per invoice. Should the Supplier experience a pattern of discrepancies below this amount, the Supplier should contact the Buyer or the Purchasing Manager to review the price and deal information on file.

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