Mills Fleet Farm Import Purchase Order

Mills Fleet Farm Import Purchase Order Information (Requirements for import suppliers)

Mills Fleet Farm Import Purchase Order guidelines cover the list of responsibility requirements for import suppliers and basic import ordering information. Upon being selected as an import supplier for Mills Fleet Farm, vendor will be emailed a New Supplier Packet. This packet is a combination of informational documents that help to clarify the terms of Mills Fleet Farm Import relationship and required forms that must be completed to create the first purchase order with your company.

Review the purchase order

Mills Fleet Farm suppliers are expected to review the purchase order for accuracy and notify the buyer of any discrepancies or revisions that need to be made immediately. A supplier/manufacturer that makes revision(s) to purchase order quantities that affects the cubed containers needs to notify the MFF supply and fulfillment analyst prior to shipment. If the revision happens after the opening of the letter of credit or wiring payment, the supplier will be required to reimburse Mills Fleet Farm for the portion of the container that was not utilized. If a larger container is needed due to incorrect information from the supplier, the supplier will have the responsibility of reimbursement for the difference in container cost.

Important Requirements

  • One supplier per container
  • One purchase order per container
  • Each purchase order must have its own set of documents
  • When multiple purchase orders are placed for the same ship window, a maximum of 5 purchase orders MUST be included on each house bill of lading until the end of the shipping process when less will be accepted. Please note a maximum of 5 containers per house bill of lading.
  • Do not combine multiple purchase orders in a container or on commercial documents.
  • The weight of the cargo must be evenly distributed across the entire container.

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