Mediterranean Shipping Company EDI Transactions

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the largest shipping line operating a lot EDI Transactions of which most are EDIFACT messages. Their global headquarters are in Switzerland but they serve most of the world’s freight port of calls.

How does an Ocean shipping company use EDI?

MSC EDIEDI is the acronym for (Electronic Data Interchange) – this is a Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a business-to-business, computer-to-computer exchange of business transaction data. Shipping companies (Ocean Liners) use EDI to transact bookings, status updates, schedules, accounting information, booking reservations and notifications.

EDI Academy has conducted EDI Training for the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and presented the following EDIFACT Messages:

UN/EDIFACT Message CUSCAR – Customs Cargo Report
UN/EDIFACT Message INVOIC – Invoice Message UN/EDIFACT Message
UN/EDIFACT Message COREOR – Container release order message
UN/EDIFACT Message COPINO Container pre-notification message
UN/EDIFACT Message CODECO – Container gate-in/gate-out report message
UN/EDIFACT Message COPRAR – Container discharge/loading order message
UN/EDIFACT Message COARRI – Container discharge/loading report message
UN/EDIFACT Message DESTIM – Equipment damage and repair estimate message
UN/EDIFACT Message CODENO – Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message
UN/EDIFACT Message CUSREP Customs conveyance report message
UN/EDIFACT Message VERMAS – Verification of Mass.

To learn more about EDI EDIFACT transactions and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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