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Hey B2B/EDI Professionals! It’s time to register for NEECOM’s Virtual Fall Conference.

Registration is FREE for up to 100 Participants. NEECOM has two incredible speakers with a third TBD.

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🔺 Deploying Emerging Technologies
Paula Giovannetti, Supply Chain Consultant, RVCF Emerging technologies, aka, disrupters!

Who remembers when EDI was an emerging technology? Now we have Block Chain, the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, RFID, and 2D barcodes on consumer packages. No matter what the specific technology, there are real reality things that project, process and portfolio managers can do to make the outcome successful. When to wait and when to go; putting together the team; getting your data ready; selling the idea internally, common sense things and maybe a couple of things you haven’t thought about.

🔺 EDI Compliance, Chargebacks, Deductions
Michael Kotoyan, MBA, PMP, CEDIAP®
EDI Academy Instructor & Founder

EDI Academy will cover EDI-related chargebacks and compliance issues. Participants will explore essential techniques for tracking, avoiding, and preventing EDI chargebacks. Please note that this session focuses only on EDI-related compliance.
Open the floor for questions, encouraging participants to share their thoughts and concerns about chargebacks and compliance issues.

🔺 Third topic and speaker TBD.

NEECOM Board Contacts:
Ira Keltz, NEECOM President ikeltz@partners.org (857) 282-0899
Michelle Calarese – NEECOM Treasurer info@neecom.org

To register and get additional information, the full agenda and directions, visit our web site: http://www.neecom.org

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