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Neiman Marcus ASN updated guidelines

Neiman Marcus ASN  (856 Advanced Ship Notice) will be described as a part of transformation program that is going to make the supply chain processing more effective. The Neiman Marcus Group is currently engaged in a major systems transformation project and the accuracy of its suppliers data is paramount in the flow of your merchandise through Neiman Marcus supply chain. In efforts to ensure the data entering Neiman Marcus systems is accurate, the company has implemented a new Neiman Marcus ASN Validation tool as of Monday, August 24th.

This tool will assist us in determining if the electronic data interchange 856 Advanced Ship Notice data segments are present, valid and in the correct format. A notification process has also been developed which will generate a notice to The Neiman Marcus Group suppliers whenever data is non-compliant.

It is The Neiman Marcus Groups’ expectation, that you resolve the issue(s) and retransmit the data immediately following the correction, as the freight for which corresponds to the 856 Advanced Ship Notice may already be in our DC’s or fulfillment centers.

This is the expectation for “FATAL” errors. For errors classified as “WARNING”, please correct for future transmissions, however there is no need to retransmit the non-compliant 856 Advanced Ship Notice. At this time, there are no compliance deductions for the non-compliant data, however, beginning November 1, 2015, Neiman Marcus will begin to assess compliance chargebacks for FATAL errors on non-compliant data. Please check NMGOPS regularly or sign up for updates at to stay in touch about related updates and details.

Please note, the specific data compliance is NO different than what Neiman Marcus current EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice map requires today, however, the company will now be enforcing the accuracy of that data. NO New Data Requirements for EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice are being implemented.

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