Neiman Marcus EDI mapping guidelines

Neiman Marcus EDI mappingNeiman Marcus EDI mapping as well as other EDI requirements are strictly subjected to the VICS standards as specified in the Retail Industry Conventions and Implementation Guidelines for Electronic Data Interchange. Any transaction sent to The Neiman Marcus Group that does not conform to these guidelines will be rejected.

InterTrade serves as the Value Added Network for The Neiman Marcus Group EDI transactions. Electronic data funnels through InterTrade for both inbound and outbound documents. Required transactions include the 850 Purchase Order, 997 Functional Acknowledgement, 856 Advance Ship Notice, and the 810 Invoice.

Neiman Marcus EDI mappingTrading partner IDs

The Neiman Marcus Group will use the following Sender IDs in the ISA and GS segments. Each Division has a separate qualifier ID. Any returned documents (997, 856 and 810) must have the same qualifier ID as was on the original Purchase Order.

Below see The Neiman Marcus Group IDs (information is given in the following order – Operating devision, Production S/R ID, Test S/R ID):

  1. Neiman Marcus Stores (NM)-08 / 6125310421-08 / 6125310421T
  2. Neiman Marcus Direct by mail (NMD)-08 / 6125310321-08 / 6125310321T
  3. Neiman Marcus Import-08 / 6125310121-08 / 6125310121T
  4. Bergdorf Goodman (BG)-08 / 6125310521-08 / 6125310521T
  5. CUSP-08 / 6125310621-08 / 6125310621T
  6. Neiman Marcus Last Call (NMLC)-08 / 6125310721-08 / 6125310721T.

Neiman Marcus EDI mapping – ISA qualifiers:

1) Duns qualifier number (01)
2) COMM ID qualifier (08)
3) Telephone number qualifier (12)
4) Mutually defined qualifier (ZZ).

This designator must be placed in the Sender ID field for all documents sent to The Neiman Marcus Group.  Place group ID in the Receiver ID field in the ISA and GS segments.

Documents sent from a division of The Neiman Marcus Group will have your Sender ID  placed in the Receiver ID field and The Neiman Marcus Group division ID in the Sender ID field.

ISA sender ID is element 06 GS sender ID is element GS02
ISA qualifier is element 05
ISA receiver ID is element 08 GS receiver ID is element GS03
ISA qualifier is element 07.

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