Neiman Marcus labeling standards and requirements

Neiman Marcus labeling described in today’s post will cover instructions and illustrations for proper general shipment packaging.

General Neiman Marcus labeling requirements

  1. All cartons must be well labeled. The information must be permanently attached to the carton, written directly on the carton, or on a non-removable label attached to the carton. A packing list is not considered sufficient labeling. All carton markings and carton labels must be placed on side of carton, to include GS1-128 labels, all carriers labeling, address labels, etc.
  2. Each carton MUST be clearly labeled with the following information:
    1. Corresponding purchase order number
    2. Corresponding department number
    3. Store number and abbreviation applicable to the purchase order
      1. Store number for NM stores is 3 digits (001, 002, 079)
      2. NMD store number is 5 digits to include the warehouse location (08801, 08806, and 04106)
    4. Merchandise division name and number (EDI vendors only-excluding 08801,08806, and 04106)
    5. Address of consignee as stated on the routing guide
    6. Address of vendor/ warehouse “shipped from”
  3. GS1-128 bar-codes are only 20 digit barcode labels allowed to be affixed to the outside of the carton.  Exceptions are alpha numeric, Fedex, UPS and airline labels.
  4. Carton label placement:
    1. Cartons more than 6 inches tall
      1. Carton labels must be placed a minimum of 1” from bottom right corner on side of carton
      2. Carton label must be minimum of 1.5-3” from side of carton
    2. Cartons less than 6 inches tall
      1. Carton label should be placed in the same dimensional area as listed above with the excess of the label folded over the top of the carton
      2. Do not cover taped seems with the label
    3. Palletized cartons should have outward facing labels
  5. Do not place any labels over the GS1-128 label.

Neiman Marcus labeling

GS1-128 requirements

  • Zone A: “From” field must contain vendor name and address.
  • Zone B: “To” field must contain NMG ship to address per Routing instructions.
  • Zone C: Carrier routing barcode or ship to postal barcode
  • Zone D: Carrier information
  • Zone D: Bill of Lading that corresponds with 856 ASN (if available at time of label generation)
  • Zone E: Purchase Order Number found in the 850 BEG03 segment
  • Zone E: Department Number found in the 850 DP qualifier REF*DP e02 segment
  • Zone E: NMG Division found in the 850 MR qualifier REF*MR e02 segment – EXCLUDES Neiman Marcus Direct Shipments
  • Zone H: Store Number as detailed in the 850 SDQ03 segment
  • Zone I: GS1–128 barcode must be 20 digits
  • Zone I: GS1–128 carton number should be printed
  • All data on GS1-128 label must match 856 Advance Ship Notice/ Manifest
  • Label size should be 4” x 6”
  • Neiman Marcus prefers a GS1–128 label using subset C and print using 20mil. This allows a barcode just over 3” wide and 1.25” tall.
  • Neiman Marcus Direct vendors only that ship 2 boxes for 1 SKU need to apply the GS1-128 to the main components box and label each component box in a way to indicate they are a 1 SKU
    Tabletop Lamp where Box 1 contains BASE and Box 2 contains SHADE. Box 1 containing BASE receives GS1-128 label Box 2  will not have a  GS1-128 . To indicate they are 1 SKU they should also be marked as “A” and “B”.

Neiman Marcus labeling

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