Neiman Marcus Masterpack EDI requirements and illustrations

Neiman Marcus Masterpack cartons should only be multi-store packed for approved Neiman Marcus Stores merchandise categories. Neiman Marcus Masterpack Inner Cartons – EDI GS1-128 label should be attached to each inner carton with all proper GS1-128 label requirements. Neiman Marcus Masterpack Outer Carton – will have the same type of EDI label as a non-EDI order.  A non-removable label with the all the requirements listed below under “Non-EDI”.

Neiman Marcus Masterpack Non-EDI:

  1. PO numbers – multiple POs can be placed into the “master” carton
  2. Department number
  3. Store numbers – multiple store numbers can be packed into the “master” carton but should be listed under the correct corresponding PO number if multiple POs.
  4. Address of consignee as stated on the routing guide
  5. Carton must be labeled “Master Packed”.

Neiman Marcus Masterpack

Neiman Marcus Masterpack

Neiman Marcus Masterpack Inner Packaging

Inner Packaging – refers to the protective materials surrounding merchandise packed within a container, whether the container is a vendor box or a re-shipper. All packaged merchandise requires sufficient inner packing (voids filled, proper dunnage and support, etc.) to secure the item and travel in a parcel or freight carrier’s environment.

  1. Always fill all inner voids with packing materials (dunnage).
  2. All goods must be separated/protected so they do not rub or strike against other items in the same container.
  3. The use of Ranpak, Tissue, Peanuts, Air Pillows and Foam as a packing medium is acceptable, but the item must be secured within the carton so it does not ‘act about’ or ‘migrate’ toward the sides of the package.
  4. Hay, straw, snow, newspaper, or printed materials are expressly forbidden for usage as packing material.
  5. Sharp, narrow, or pointed objects (i.e. table legs, pot handles) must be wrapped and secured in such a way that prevents them from puncturing the carton from within.
  6. Large or oversize packages must have some sort of reinforcement in the center of the carton to prevent collapse under extreme weight conditions (typical stacking in a ship-alone environment.)
  7. Some large items should be double-boxed, with a minimum of 3 inches on each side of the interior box, with dunnage on all six sides. Refer to the Requirements by Merchandise type section of this area for more detail.
  8. Packing Requirement: Cartons with a void of space must be filled with dunnage.
  9. All cartons must have an insert on top of the merchandise to prevent from cutting and pilferage.


Neiman Marcus Masterpack Outer Packaging

Outer/Vendor Box – is vendor packaging containing selling units of merchandise intended to be inserted into a Neiman Marcus corrugated box for further protection in order to ship. Neiman Marcus Direct will not remove merchandise from the vendor box in order to improve inner packing. Therefore, the responsibility for providing adequate inner packing lies with the manufacturer or original packer.

  1. Merchandise must be packed in a new box. No markings other than those of the vendor (carton label/GS1-128 or carton content) and/or box maker should be on the carton. If the vendor or product logos are printed on the outside of the carton, there must be no indication the package was intended for any product other than the product contained inside. Recycled cartons may not be used to ship merchandise.
  2. Special handling instructions (i.e. ‘Fragile’, ‘Glass’ or directional arrows) must be used and are helpful to Neiman Marcus package handlers. However, the use of these warning signs doesnot replace the packaging requirements outlined in this document.
  3. Non-corrugated vendor packaging must be the appropriate size and strength to protect the merchandise contained inside.
  4. All cartons are required to be sealed with Security Packing Tape
    1. H format recommended
    2. Clear or Solid Color Plastic Tape is NOT Acceptable
    3. Merchandise shipped in a Re-shipper carton will be exempt from the Security Tape requirement.

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