Neiman Marcus Re-shipper

Neiman Marcus Re-Shipper Requirements

Neiman Marcus Re-shipper is a package or container that will be used to ship product to the customer’s home without further protection or packaging being added. Neiman Marcus Re-shipper must provide total protection for the parcel carrier’s environment as described in the guidelines below.

Note: Neiman Marcus Re-shipper must be transit tested. FED-EX Laboratory Approval Certification(s) must be on file before shipping.

  1. Neiman Marcus Re-shipper Direct requires any item over 27x27x24 to be packed as a re-shipper (this includes the box dimensions)
  2. Vendors that are required to ship in a Neiman Marcus Re-shipper container must clearly marked carton ‘Re-Shipper.’
  3. All merchandise must be packaged by selling unit unless an exception has been granted. For exceptions, please contact your merchant representative to have a prep form completed.
  4. Vendor must list manufacturing style # and description on the outside of re-shipper carton.
  5. Vendor must list Country of Origin on the outside of the re-shipper carton.
  6. When applicable, the color and size should be listed on outside of the re-shipper carton.
  7. Re-shipper cartons must be the appropriate size and strength to protect the merchandise contained inside.
  8. Packaging must be consistent
    1. box measurements
    2. weight
    3. inner packaging
  9. Cartons must be a double-wall container of corrugated fiberboard construction (Double boxing an item DOES NOT meet the requirement). If the item is produced overseas, then the double wall corrugate box must be at least a 200 Lbs burst strength container.
  10. Corrugated cartons must meet the minimum specifications of fiberboard corrugated boxes as shown in Item 222 of the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) and display box maker certificate on the carton with ‘Bursting Test Strength’ and/or ‘Edge Crush Test Strength’ identified. Bursting Test Strength and/or Edge Crush Test Strength must meet National Motor Freight Classification Standards
  11. Non-domestic cartons often have high moisture content and are consequently very pliable. For this reason, re-shippers from import vendors must strictly adhere to items 6, 7 and 8 above.
  12. Indirect imports must receive a 100% inspection prior to being forwarded to Neiman Marcus.
  13. Product contained in a re-shipper carton must be centered and protected by packing materials so there is a minimum of 3 inches between the item and the inner wall of the corrugated box.
  14. Large or oversize packages must have some sort of reinforcement in the center of the carton to prevent collapse under extreme weight conditions (typical stacking in a ship-alone environment).
  15. Merchandise must be packed in a new box. No markings other than those of the vendor (carton label/GS1-128 or carton content) and/or box maker should be on carton. If vendor or product logos are printed on the outside of the carton there must be no indication the package was intended for any product other than the product contained inside. Recycled cartons may not be used to ship merchandise.
  16. Telescoping boxes may not be used. NMD will accept “full telescope” boxes. A “full telescope” box is when the full depth (FTD) top slides completely over the bottom providing extra thickness of material on all side and end panels.
  17. Special handling instructions (i.e. ‘Fragile’, ‘Glass’ or directional arrows) must be used and are helpful to Neiman Marcus package handlers. However, the use of these warning signs does not supplant the packaging requirements outlined in this document.
  18. Sealing cartons – 2-inch pressure sensitive plastic tape should be used to seal cartons. Although less desirable, paper tape may be used but must be reinforced. All open seams must be taped.
  19. Sealing cartons – Staples must not be used as the only method of sealing a carton, but may be used when covered with the tape.
  20. Packing Guidelines for Re-Shipper Rugs & Textiles:
    1. Must be in a bag of at least 6mil in thickness
    2. The ends must be secured shut and taped down to the bag
    3. All rugs should be rolled tightly so that the ends are aligned
    4. Rugs should be packed tightly into the polybag. All excess material should be taped down.
    5. Hand Knotted rugs should be folded
  21. Re-Shippers must be transit tested. Lab Tests must be received by Neiman Marcus Direct Quality Assurance prior to receiving the merchandise. Please see information regarding transit testing in the next post.

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