Nexteer EDI

Nexteer EDI Label Requirements

When EDI is used in conjunction with the Shipping/Parts Identification Label, the data areas shall be coordinated. If you send an Advance Ship Notice (ASN 856 Transaction) to Nexteer Automotive, the bar code data on the label must be consistent with the transmitted ASN data.

EDI Master Label

A master label SHALL be used to identify the total contents of a multiple pack load of the same part number. If the multiple common items loaded are in a closed container, the container SHALL bear a label identifying the receiving facility and delivery location. Each pack of the multiple pack SHALL be identified with a single pack label, except shipping parts & service support material, or unless otherwise instructed in the Nexteer Automotive purchase order.

Required Data Elements

The required data fields for a Master Load label:

  • Supplier Location’s Address
  • Purchase Order – EDI ANSI-x-12 Segment LIN*PO
  • Country of Origin
  • Plant Address Line 1 – EDI Segment 13z
  • Plant Address Line 2 – EDI Segment 14z
  • Plant Address Line 3 – EDI Segment 15z
  • DLOC – EDI Segment 11z
  • Nexteer Automotive Part number – EDI ANSI-x-12 Segment LIN*BP
  • Engineering Change/Revision Level *
  • PLT/DOCK – EDI Segment 12z
  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure – EDI ANSI-x12 Segment UIT
  • Serial number
  • Supplier MFG. DUNS number – EDI ANSI-x-12 N1*SU
  • Supplier Ship from DUNS number
  • Manufacturing Date (YY\MM\DD)
  • Part Description– EDI ANSI-x-12 Segment PKG*17Z.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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