Nordstrom UPC Catalog

Nordstrom UPC Catalog (UPC/EAN Assignment & Catalog) Requirements

Nordstrom UPC Catalog requirements refer to UPC/EAN Catalog that is used to identify merchandise according retail industry standard. UPC Catalog allows to have one universal identifier for merchandise. If the required UPC/EAN catalog is not supplied, an expense offset fee will be assessed.

ALL suppliers, whether or not they are EDI compliant, are required to have a UPC catalog and follow Nordstrom UPC Catalog requirements listed below

Nordstrom UPC Catalog requirements

  • Assign UPC/EAN numbers at the product ID, color and size level. These should be unique numbers
  • Adherence to the Trade Item Identification and Communications Guidelines for General Merchandise and Apparel published by the GS1 US
  • Use of NRF color and size codes
  • UPC/EAN catalog data must be provided through our 3rd party service providers, OpenText or InterTrade
  • UPC/EAN catalogs must include UPC, Product ID, Product ID description, NRF color, Color description, NRF size, Size description, Cost, and MSRP. If selling pre-pack shoes suppliers must have a pack UPC in their catalog
  • Nordstrom requires all UPCs and core attributes to be loaded into the catalog at time of market or product introduction, or within one week post market. Please ensure styles are loaded within this timeframe to avoid any non-compliance expense offset fees
  • Consistency between a suppliers UPC/EAN catalog and documents containing item identification such as tickets, line list and pack slips
  • UPC/EAN codes must be assigned for all Gifts with Purchase (GWP) and Purchase with Purchase (PWP) items. Suppliers need to include these items in their catalog UPC Creation Steps
  • To get started on creating UPCs suppliers must first obtain a GS Block ID at Once a supplier has obtained a block ID they can create UPCs by following the guidelines listed on the National Retail Federation website
  • Nordstrom strongly recommends that UPCs are never re-used.

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