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Noridian Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is the electronic version of the Standard Paper Remit (SPR), which serves as a notice of payment and adjustments sent to Noridian providers, billers and suppliers. It explains the reimbursement decisions of the payer.

EDI Support Services (EDISS) defines a vendor as a Software Vendor, Billing Service or Clearinghouse. EDISS only grants Blanket Approval to applicable Billing Services and Clearinghouses. Submitters wishing to submit production claims electronically to EDISS must first pass a testing process. EDISS defines a Submitter as an entity that exchanges electronic health care information with EDISS. During the testing process, EDISS works closely with the Submitter to ensure the claim file meets the structure and format required, and that claim data contains specific requirements for claims processing. To alleviate the testing process, Billing Services and Clearinghouses have the option of obtaining Blanket Approval. Blanket Approval status indicates a Billing Service or Clearinghouse is no longer required to test each individual provider within a particular Line of Business (LOB) when the Billing Service or Clearinghouse has the required number of providers in production for that state.

EDI Support Services (EDISS) constantly strives to educate providers on the benefits of exchanging data electronically

There are several benefits to choosing ERA vs. SPR:

  • Quicker receipt of remittances – Receive your remittances the day the claim finalizes, rather than waiting until the mail arrives a week after the payment was made.
  • Streamlines the reconciliation process – Most billing software has the ability to auto post electronic remittances, allowing your staff to more accurately reconcile outstanding balances.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency – Staff are able to more quickly work their outstanding claims, as most billing software stores the electronic ERA data to show the progression of billed claims.
  • Reduces paper and printing costs – Switching to ERA saves the government money, which in the long run means less of your paycheck contribution to Medicare and/or Medicaid goes toward administrative costs.
  • Environmentally responsible – You can help your Contractor cut down on the amount of environmental resources used.
  • Faster processing of secondary claims – By getting your remittance earlier than a paper remittance, you are able to forward your information on to additional insurances quicker.
  • Lower storage and maintenance costs – Eliminates the need to utilize building space to keep future remittances on file for historic purposes.
  • Lower administrative costs – Reduces costs associated with staff time to review and file paper remittances.

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