Medicaid Electronic Payments

Medicaid Electronic Payments Via SoonerCare

The provider has two (2) primary methods of receiving payment from SoonerCare: system-generated checks and electronic funds transfer (EFT). These payments, along with the remittance advice, are produced during the financial cycle. The remittance advice, which details each provider’s claims and financial transaction activity during the period, is made available to the billing provider through an electronic format to allow verification of billing and payments. Checks or EFT notices are printed and sent/mailed separately from the electronic remittance advice.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

Providers use the EFT payment option to expedite funds directly to their designated bank account. EFTs will be the default payment disbursement option for all providers unless it is proven that a provider cannot receive an EFT transaction. Those who cannot receive an EFT will receive their payment by paper check

Manual Payments

A less common method for provider payment receipt is the paper warrant issuance (check). State Agency Funds Transfers For all state agencies participating in the Oklahoma Medicaid program, payments will be disbursed via state agency funds transfers. Since the Oklahoma Medicaid program is operated by a state agency, the funds are transferred to the corresponding state agency participating in the Oklahoma Medicaid program.

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