Orchard EDI Invoicing

Orchard EDI Invoicing Operation Requirements

Orchard EDI Invoicing Completion/ Submission is processed using an EDI 810 Invoice. Invoices must be completed and submitted at the time of shipment following the guidelines below:

  • Invoice only for items and quantities shipped.
  • Create a separate invoice for each PO.
  • Use the same unit of measure as on the PO (each, pair, set, pack) except for assortments and pre-packs. For pre-pack orders, do not use the quantity of pre-packs on the invoice. Use the total quantity shipped of the item number.
  • Mandatory: Send the Orchard SKU number for each line item on the invoice.
  • Itemize and identify pre-ticketing, freight, allowances, or discounts separately from the item cost.
  • Insure the invoice cost is the same as the purchase order cost. If the cost that appears on the PO differs from the negotiated cost, contact the merchant to resolve the discrepancy prior to shipment. Insure the invoice reflects any changes communicated by Orchard. Do not substitute items without Orchard merchant’s authorization. Upon authorization, the PO must be updated before shipments are received.

Orchard EDI Invoicing: Payment Policy

Orchard will:

  • Pay for quantity received or quantity invoiced, whichever is lower.
  • Pay for the PO cost or invoice cost of the product, whichever is lower.
  • Make all payments electronically using the EDI 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Invoicing – Proof of Shipment / Delivery

Proof of shipment (freight-collect shipments) consists of a signed Bill of Lading with a Shipping Manifest (listing Orchard stores and POs for the shipment). Proof of delivery (freight-prepaid shipments) consists of a delivery receipt signed by an authorized Orchard Supply Company representative.

Late Invoice Payment or Deduction Questions Late Invoice Payments

Questions regarding late invoice payment should be communicated within 10 days after terms have expired if payment has not been received. Deductions: Communicated with the contact that authorized the deduction within 60 days of notification of the deduction. Suppliers will be notified via the remittance advice or the actual adjustment document.

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