Orchard Hardware Invoice

Orchard Hardware Invoice (Domestic and International)

Orchard Hardware Invoice allows for the customary business practice relative to the billing for goods and services. Orchard no longer processes paper invoices. Invoices must be submitted via and 810 to be processed for payment. Per retail industry guidelines, only one purchase order may be referenced per invoice transaction set. The Orchard Supplier number transmitted on the purchase order must be referenced on the invoice along with the Bill to: (Buying Party) location from the order. Also required on each invoice is the Accounts Payable number, which identifies your Remit To Location. This number will be provided to vendor during implementation. Orchard Hardware Invoice transaction set is required for all Orchard Supply Hardware trading partners.

Orchard Hardware Invoice Mapping Notes

BIG Segment: The P.O. number in BIG04 is required. Orchard cannot process your invoice without the purchase order number.

REF Segment: The Orchard-assigned vendor number MUST be transmitted on all Invoices. This number identifies the seller to Orchard and is used to match the invoice to a purchase order receipt record. It is the same value sent on the purchase order.

N1 Segment:

  • The N1*BT segment must be sent on ALL invoices. The code value of BT identifies the store/unit number being billed. This same number appears as the Bill-To Party (Bill To unit) on the purchase order in the N1*BT segment.
  • When N101 contains code RI, N104 will specify the remit to location number for the seller. This location is determined by the seller, but must have an Orchard-assigned Accounts Payable number, which is 9 digits long. This remit to location number MUST be present on all invoices.
  • The use of the N102 element is at the option of the seller. As long as the requirements of the N103 and N104 elements are met, the N102 element may be sent if the seller wishes

ITD Segment: 

  • This segment may be used only when the terms for this invoice are different than the standard terms originally agreed to by the Orchard merchant.
  • The terms basis code date (ITD02) identifies the beginning of the terms period

IT1 Segment: 

  • The Product/Service ID Qualifier IT106 contains code value IN, with the matching Orchard item number is required in-order to process the invoice.
  • The value in the IT103 field must match the Unit of Measurement Code from PO103 on the Purchase Order

TDS Segment:  The total invoice amount reflects the sum of all invoiced items, allowances and charges for which the seller expects to be paid – the net amount due.

Invoice Example


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